Screen wars

15th August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Tidy Tim was still banging on about getting a new Tiger 1200, when we were out at the weekend. Mostly because of the colour TFT clocks. I can’t see the attraction. I mean, I’m sure they’re very nice, but I quite like the big twin analogue dials of the GTR – I prefer the needle  [Read full post…]

Nice little run

13th August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Had a great blat down to Weymouth with the boys at the weekend. Not the full crew – me, Dale Caesar, Punchy Pete, Tidy Tim and Hogsback Harry. We looped up round the edge of Salisbury Plain before dropping down, taking in ZigZag Hill on the way there. Chips by the seaside, then a fast  [Read full post…]

Clean up or take the blame

10th August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Re my question about whether you can claim against a farmer who leaves stuff on the road that makes you crash. Apparently the answer is: yes, you can. My pal Noddy, the retired policeman, did tell me which bit of the Road Traffic Act covered it (but I may have nodded off). Essentially it’s an offence  [Read full post…]

Farming hazards

9th August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

That incident with the spilt grain got me thinking. If I’d come off on it, would I have been able to claim against the farmer? Mostly the farmers round my way are very good. We don’t have mud (or worse) tracked across the roads. Hedges are neat, without periodic fits of trimming leaving litter of  [Read full post…]

Close encounters of the bird kind

6th August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Had a nasty moment this morning. Giant gang of woodpigeons sitting in the road. I realised they were gobbling up spilt grain, so banged on the anchors to lose some speed before I got there. Got off them again quick, too. Loose grain is as bad as ballbearings on the road: don’t want to be  [Read full post…]

More cameras?

4th August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

After the initial rash of camera installation, I had thought we were doing better. It had seemed like a load had been turned off, burnt out or ripped up. We seemed to have dropped a bit from peak camera. But now I do think there’s more of them about. Worse, there are more of the  [Read full post…]

She kept that quiet

3rd August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

I was worried about having set off that camera. Went home and – shame-faced – told The Fair Lady Scully about it. I was even more worried about her reaction. “Don’t worry – happens to everyone”, she said. Well, not everyone, I replied. Hasn’t happened to you. “About that…” Turns out she has six points.  [Read full post…]

Speeding camera… Noooooo!!

1st August 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Now the wait begins. Had a camera flash at me this morning. It’s one I know about, but it’s been under a cover for ages. It wasn’t this morning. I don’t think I was much past the limit (I definitely wasn’t going mental) but it still flashed. I reacted straight away and by the time  [Read full post…]

Tidy Tim’s Tiger trouble

30th July 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Caught up with my Welsh friend Tidy Tim over the weekend. He’s still loving his Triumph Tiger… but he has serious lust for the updated Tiger 1200 (his is an Explorer). I got him to explain what was different and though it doesn’t sound like much – posh TFT dash, better switchgear, etc – I  [Read full post…]


27th July 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Yesterday was a great day. I did go to the coast – but not Kent or Sussex or even Norfolk or Devon. I went to Normandy. It was a thing in RiDE Magazine that got me thinking: doing all the D-Day beaches, starting and finishing from the overnight Caen ferry. So I rushed home, chucked  [Read full post…]

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