Tidy Tim’s top Tiger trade

21st April 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Just dropped Tidy Tim at the Triumph dealer. He’d taken his old Explorer in at the start of the week, so the workshop could take Tim’s tonne of Touratech toys off that bike and fit them to his new bike. I ran Tim over on the GTR (which behaved impeccably – thanks for asking) so he could complete the paperwork and ride off on his new pride and joy.

I have to say that it certainly looks the part. Triumph have done some ugly colours in the past (pink Speed Triple, anyone?) but the shade of blue on this Explorer XRX is really lovely. And though I think Tim may have overdone things with his Touratech addiction, now all the bits are bolted on to the bike it looks rugged and ready for anything. Assuming Tim can get it off the side-stand, that is…

It was good to see the bike for another reason. With that collected, Tim can run it in – and once it’s run in, we’ll have our Pre-Trip Trip. A short run up to the North York Moors to get him properly adjusted to the new Explorer and me happy on my new  S1000XR. Which means it’s probably time for me to start planning the routes. Any suggestions?

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