MotoGoLoco 1:0 Guy Martin

23rd August 2013 by  in Daily Digest
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MotoGoLoco – 1:0 – Guy Martin

Sometimes the plain facts just do not tell the full story…

Last Friday I overtook Guy Martin¬†(yes, he of road racing, TV / big screen and lorry fitting fame) on track at Cadwell Park, not once but twice. No, not in the paddock, not in his tranny van, but on track coming out of Charlie’s 11, and then again three laps later on Park!

The above is true, every word, and if ever the truth failed to tell the full tale then this is it. Guy was at Cadwell, together with Phil Crowe, sharpening up his track speed, and took up the offer of a session on a Kawasaki AR50. Guy’s lap times dropped from a consistent 1:30 on his Tyco Suzuki, to 3:30, leaving the door wide open for me to pull off a very cheeky little overtake, (bagging myself a hat-full of bragging rights to take back to MotoGoLoco HQ with me in the process).

Still, it more than made my day!

Back to reality and both Phil and Guy were circulating at awesome speed on their race bikes, politely waiting to overtake ordinary mortals, and happy to chat in the assembly area – thank you both for the excellent memories.

All the best, Jim.

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