It’s here

27th April 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Picked up the new work bike, the 1400GTR. Spent most of the weekend riding, to be honest. First I took TFLS (The Fair Lady Scully) for a short spin. She liked it, so she insisted that we do a proper day trip on Sunday. We had a great time. We started with a bit of  [Read full post…]

The dark horse

23rd April 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Ahem. I might have just replaced the Pan. Not with a 1300 Pan. Or even a K1300GT. I went to ride – just to rule it out, you understand – a Kawasaki 1400GTR. And just fell in love with it. For a start, it’s a rich, dark green – almost British Racing Green. And it  [Read full post…]

Another test ride. And another

22nd April 2015 by  in Daily Digest

Had a busy afternoon. I’d arranged two test rides: a 2010 BMW K1300GT first, then a 2008 1300 Pan European. The BMW really surprised me. It was taller than I expected, with quite a firm, narrow seat. It had all the trimmings – topbox, panniers, cruise control, the electronic suspension, heated grips (and a heated  [Read full post…]

The racehorse pulls the milk float

21st April 2015 by  in The Dex Files

I’m using the SM-T for work this week. Well, what other choice do I have? I haven’t replaced the Pan but I can’t sit at home – not with the jobs I’ve got on at the moment. I have to say that it is brilliant: tall, thin and light bikes are always great for filtering;  [Read full post…]

Testing, testing

18th April 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Had a very disappointing test ride this morning. I’d gone to see a man about an FJR1300: 2010 bike, Givi topbox and Yamaha panniers, heated grips, less than 25,000 on the clock and a stamped dealer service book. Looked the business, too – well-shined silver and not a mark on it anywhere. I’m sorry, I  [Read full post…]

The Great Telling Off

17th April 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Normally TFLS (The Fair Lady Scully) doesn’t take much of a view on bikes. She likes the KTM, but not for long journeys. She generally prefers to go on the back of the big bike. With all the work bikes, the criteria has always been that the pillion seat is soft but supportive and there’s  [Read full post…]

Feeling Smug…

17th April 2015 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

I love it when car drivers; who’ve earlier demanded that we move our bikes aside at passport control in order that they can get to the loading queue first, have to sit and watch as they watch us filter to the front… All the best Jim

Mercy, MERCY!

16th April 2015 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

I thought that riding through Tanger traffic at midday was akin to Ben Hur, but without rules. Well, the same city but after dark, (20:30), was really another level of bared teeth riding! I was acting as “Tail End Charlie” / Sweeper and attempting to protect a novice rider who had not ridden at night  [Read full post…]

Morrocan Drop-Off System Failure

15th April 2015 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

The “corner marking system”, as Reda of Palm Road Tours based in Marrakesh and BMW would have it, (the “drop off” system as UK riders know it), has worked very well so far. That is until you combine a rider used to his pillion doing the signalling, with another rider with excess Bon Hommie who  [Read full post…]

The prognosis is good

15th April 2015 by  in The Dex Files

In case you wondered what had happened to poor Harry, the hapless victim of DA’s dumb-arsed bike-dropping disaster at the weekend, he’s torn a muscle in his back. He’s on pain killers and trying to lie very still, but insists he’ll be back up and about in a week. Probably so he can go and kick DA’s CrossTourer over  [Read full post…]

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