The smiling assassin

27th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Every business has one. You know: the bloke who’s cheery and chummy and ready to plunge a dagger into someone’s back at the first opportunity. As a contractor, you get used to spotting them – especially as these characters are often well placed (presumably to get a better angle as they stab down at their  [Read full post…]

Tim’s recovery

22nd November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Tidy Tim dropped in today – first time I’ve seen him since his mountain-biking crash. Given that he appears to have replaced the skin on one side of his face with a patchwork quilt made of raisins, I can’t imagine what he must have looked like when he picked himself out of the mud –  [Read full post…]

Talking of lemons…

20th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

I know it’s of less interest, as it’s a car, but for anyone curious, we did replace Number Two Son’s appalling written-off Citroen with a cheap but solid VW Polo. It’s low mileage but reasonably elderly, though that has its advantages: cheap to insure, it’s a lot of car for the money and, more importantly,  [Read full post…]

Spot the lemon

20th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

I had a quick trawl through the ads on a well-known internet auction site this morning to see if I could spot something suitable for Number One Son. God, there’s some dross on it. There are some lovely looking bikes as well – but somehow just the fact that they’re advertised side-by-side with some real shonkers  [Read full post…]


18th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

I know I’ve bleated about it before, but it caught me out again today: that bloody one-way system round Basingstoke town centre. Soviet High Command trying to befuddle the advance of Nazi troops in World War Two using the medium of road signs couldn’t have done a better job of making an impenetrable maze (actually,  [Read full post…]

Bike shopping

17th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Not for me – Number One Son is looking to change his sportsbike. That’s right, the one he wasn’t going to get rid of any time soon. He wants a bike that’s good for two. That’s right, because his girlfriend doesn’t like the sportsbike. I’m actually not sure how I feel about this. On one  [Read full post…]

Not that I’m asking for it

13th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Bad weather, I mean. My last post rather sounded like I wanted winter, right now – as though it was somehow a good thing. It isn’t. Obviously – cold and salty roads, going to work in the dark like a pit pony… I suppose what I want is settled weather. Hot, cold, wet, dry –  [Read full post…]

Some-bad-weather blues

11th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

It doesn’t take many days of rain to send me into a bit of a bad mood. The arrival of autumn, with its mists and mellow downpours, is definitely the low point of the year as far as I’m concerned. I’d rather have winter’s no-nonsense darkness, sleet and coldness. At least you know where you  [Read full post…]

In praise of the A303

10th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

Most people think the A303 is a terrible road. And I can understand that point of view most of the time. But last night I had to get home from the West Country in a bit of a hurry and, knowing where the speed cameras lurk, I was able to take a few liberties and  [Read full post…]

Tim crashed

6th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

I know, I know… I said no more talk of crashing. Sod’s Law dictates, though, that no sooner has that post gone onto the blog than I get a call to say Tim’s crashed. Thankfully, it wasn’t on his Explorer. It was on his mountain bike. For some reason, he’d decided to join a couple  [Read full post…]

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