That’s me told

28th July 2016 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, The Dex Files

I was knackered after the weekend’s riding, though. CyberJimmy noticed I was looking a bit tired. When I explained where I’d been, he first didn’t believe me and then decided I must be mad. Not mad, I explained, just enthusiastic. “Aye, well, you can call it enthusiastic when you’re a rich Sassenach,” he told me,  [Read full post…]

An improvised trip – pt3. The obligatory Applecross

27th July 2016 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, The Dex Files

Well, when you’re in Stratchcarron it’s rude not to go to Applecross. Again, I was up early (I think it’s my age) so I had the road to myself – well, me and a few sheep. I spotted a tent and a GS parked halfway up, with a man sitting by a stove. He waved  [Read full post…]

An improvised trip – pt2

26th July 2016 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Loch Fyne was awesome but the run from Lochgilphead to Oban’s not a bad ride, either. I stopped there for lunch before wondering where to head next. I took a deep breath and made a few calls: on my third try, I got lucky and found there was one room vacant in one of my  [Read full post…]

An improvised trip – pt1

25th July 2016 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, The Dex Files

Well, I got lucky with the weather. It held fine until the weekend. It perhaps wasn’t quite as hot as it had been mid-week, but that may have been a blessing. It was still more than warm enough for me – especially as I don’t get so much of a breeze on the GTR as  [Read full post…]


22nd July 2016 by  in The Dex Files

I’ve had a couple of days of the best weather I think I’ve ever sampled in Scotland. Sadly, I spent most of my time trapped in a server room, emerging blinking in the sun like a mole that had inadvertently left its burrow. But I don’t care. The weather has been spectacular. As long as  [Read full post…]

Can I appeal that speeding ticket?

16th June 2016 by  in The Dex Files

Thinking about getting flashed the other night, I was doing 60 because my sat nav said the road was a 60. But, obviously the local planners have lowered the limit to 50 and the maps haven’t caught up. If I get a ticket, can I appeal against it because I was following duff information on  [Read full post…]


14th June 2016 by  in The Dex Files

I got flashed last night. I was out for a quiet spin on what I thought was a national-speed limit road. I didn’t worry when I saw the camera – just rolled off so I lost a bit of speed and coasted past it at more-or-less exactly 60. But it was a 50. Arse. Now  [Read full post…]

Riding with Number One Son

9th June 2016 by  in The Dex Files

On Sunday morning I set off with Number One Son, riding south. We headed down to Longtown on the A7 and then over the Pennines to Middleton in Teesdale on the cracking B6277. Even though he was running it in by the book, that Versys can really move – I guess it’ll be properly quick  [Read full post…]

Number One Son’s new bike

7th June 2016 by  in The Dex Files

I had a lazy day at home on Saturday: took the bike to the local jet-wash, brought it back to polish it in the garage. Did my housework, laundry and admin. Then just sat about and kicked my heels. Eventually, at about 7pm (only an hour later than predicted), my son arrived on his brand-new  [Read full post…]

Other biking heroes

5th June 2016 by  in The Dex Files

Obviously, biking heroes change through the ages. I remember Brian – my first biking hero – telling me that his biking idol was Billy Ivy. He’d idolized Mike Hailwood until he met him, after which Brian became a staunch Ago fan (though he never told me why he took against Mike the Bike). I’ve never  [Read full post…]

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