Biker cuts free driver out of upturned car

29th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Helmet cam footage of a San Diego motorcyclists hit the web this month after the rider stopped, whipped out his picket knife and cut free the woman driver of an upturned car on a busy highway. 2m 16s in appears to be the exact point where our man starts thinking about nipping back to ask for her  [Read full post...]

Routes Voting System

28th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

We’re loving the new ratings system on the latest release of MotoGoLoco Maps. If you’ve found your favourite route on there, why not give it a wee upvote? (Unless you’re trying to keep it a secret, in which case – shame on you! Give your second favourite an upvote instead!) Here are the current top 20  [Read full post...]

The Little Person Inside – Documentary

28th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Every so often you stumble across a photo, story or video that stops you in your tracks and causes your jaw to involuntarily drop a little. The story of Talan Skeels-Piggins sheer determination to overcome a motorcycle accident and subsequent paralysis, to go on and race bikes is certainly one of them.  Grab a coffee and watch  [Read full post...]

MotoGoLoco Maps – v3 Launched

24th October 2014 by  in News

Earlier this week, after several rounds of scrutinous testing and tweaking, we launched the latest update to MotoGoLoco Maps – our free journey planning tool and routes library. Before going much further, we must send out a huge and hearty ‘Thank You’ to the hundreds of you who sent in feedback about the old system – good  [Read full post...]


22nd October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

There are two types of people on motorcycle trips. Those who pack too much and those who pack too little. I’m still one who packs too much, but with experience I’ve reduced my overpacking to the things you carry and hope you won’t need – puncture repair kits, tools, that kind of thing. The days  [Read full post...]

When Rossi met a young Spanish lad

16th October 2014 by  in Racing

Marc – “When I grow up, I’ll be quicker than you!” Valentino – “That’s adorable.” Marc – Who’s laughing now?!”

That’s better

15th October 2014 by  in The Dex Files

No, my thumb hasn’t miraculously healed itself but the swelling has gone down a lot. My friend Big Dave (no prizes for guessing why he’s called that) gave me an old pair of gloves – after he’d cut the thumb open. I can get my hand in it and then kind of hook the tip  [Read full post...]

Can’t get a glove on

13th October 2014 by  in The Dex Files

Thumb’s swollen up. Strapping makes it even more massive. Can’t get my gloves on. This is A Big Problem (not least of which riding home this evening). I could ride without using it – and I’m getting better at typing without it (though I struggle to hold a pen). But what’ll I do if it’s  [Read full post...]

It’s not just a scratch

13th October 2014 by  in The Dex Files

Had my hand caught in a fire door at a client’s office. Very heavy. Very hard. Thumbnail came off. Just had it x-rayed. Broken bone at top of thumb. Strapped up. Very sore. Very hard to type. Sorry. Dex

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride London 2014

10th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

  Footage from the London leg of this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride as shot and edited by Dominic Hinde

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