27th November 2014 by  in The Dex Files

I bloody hate spiders. Really, I do. I know it’s not macho, but I’m not a big bloke and some of the beasts that lurk in my garage are almost as large as my hand. I know this, because one of them was trying on one of my gloves this morning, like some kind of  [Read full post…]

Winter prepping the bike

26th November 2014 by  in Daily Digest

Spent this morning – when I should have been doing my accounts – prepping the Pan for the coming winter. To be honest, it’s a job I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks. It was only when faced with a job I wanted to put off even more that I persuaded myself that  [Read full post…]

Show(room) of solidarity

26th November 2014 by  in The Dex Files

My hapless friend DA (Dumb Ass) called to pick my brains about the right bike to replace his mangled CBF. If you recall, he parked it outside his garage when he was supposed to be riding to meet me, only to have his equally accident prone daughter reverse her Citroen into and over the front  [Read full post…]

Bike Security

19th November 2014 by  in The Dex Files

One thing that did occur to me. When we went to Switzerland for the big annual trip, we didn’t take any big chains with us. One of the chaps we usually ride with – who didn’t come this year – is a policeman and, like all long-serving coppers, he’s predisposed to see villains round every  [Read full post…]

Hartside Pass – Recommended Motorcycle Route

18th November 2014 by  in Classic Motorcycle Routes

Certainly one of the most famous motorcycling roads in Northern England, Hartside Pass is an iconic twisty route between Penrith & Alston, with stunning views from the Hartside top cafe. It can get very busy at the weekends during a warm sunny summer’s afternoon, but it’s a road that’s well worth ticking off for any biker.  [Read full post…]

GSXR wheelie busted by mounted policeman in London

17th November 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Nothing quite like someone filming their own misdemeanors before uploading them to YouTube for the rest of us to enjoy!  

Bealach na Bà – Recommended Motorcycle Route

17th November 2014 by  in Classic Motorcycle Routes

Bealach na Bà is a historic pass through the mountains of the Applecross peninsula, in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands and the name of a famous twisting, single-track mountain road through the pass and mountains. Starting at the beautiful postcard picturesque village of Lochcarron, the pass snakes it’s way up through the mountains before  [Read full post…]


17th November 2014 by  in The Dex Files

The one thing that bugged me on our European trip was the chain on the SM-T. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I couldn’t bring myself to neglect it – even when I’m on holiday, I look after the bike. So I had to take chain lube, which I applied every night. I even adjusted  [Read full post…]

Back to the grindstone

13th November 2014 by  in The Dex Files

The worst thing about going away for a week is the carnage that greets you when you come back to the office. Being self-employed, I can’t even leave stuff for colleagues to do – not the way you do when you’re in a big company. Still, I’m just about back on top of it now.  [Read full post…]

One of the best areas of Scotland for scenery and great motorcycling roads

12th November 2014 by  in Accommodation Reviews

The MacDonald Hotel and Cabins is situated in one of the best areas of Scotland for scenery and great motorcycling roads, situated in the village of Kinlochleven with lovely views up the loch towards the Ballachulish bridge. The en suite rooms are comfortable clean and pleasant, the cabins and separate showers/drying room are at the  [Read full post…]

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