Bank Holiday blues

27th May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

I hate working on Bank Holidays. Who doesn’t? Sadly, in my game, it’s pretty common. Weekends are a good time for big infrastructure programmes. Long weekends are even better. Traffic is lighter on the network, there are fewer users blundering around causing problems (sorry, “opportunities”) and with a bit of team-work, everything gets done before  [Read full post…]

Final trip prep

25th May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

The long-awaited Pre-Trip Trip is almost here. At last. I’m just getting ahead with my final prep, as I’ll be flat-out with work before we actually go. Just the basics. Step one: Take care of the bike (tyre pressures, chain tension and lubricant, life in pads, no signs of damage to fork seals or anywhere else,  [Read full post…]

Damn kids

23rd May 2017 by  in Daily Digest

I mentioned my plan to fight old-fartism with new music to Number Two Son. This was a mistake. He gave me a load of stuff to listen to. It was – without exception – utter rubbish. Scandinavian heavy metal. It was like being strapped down inside a foundry, with your head inside a tin dustbin, while  [Read full post…]

New music

22nd May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

It’s time I got into some new music. Really. I suddenly realised I haven’t bought an album for about 15 years. The last “new” band I got excited by (and god knows why, now I think about it) was probably Oasis. I am officially an old fart. This has to change. I need to get  [Read full post…]

Saw a crash

20th May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

I have to say that I think – given the miles I do – that I’m lucky. I hadn’t ever seen a bike crash. Until yesterday morning, that is. Traffic was heavy on the old magic roundabout (M25) so I was filtering. Caught up with a guy on an old GS. Then he caught up  [Read full post…]

Noddy’s noddy-bike

18th May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

My old pal Noddy just sent me an email entitled: Look what I just bought. I think he’s proud of it. It’s a Yamaha TR1 from some point in the early eighties. I have vague – and not favourable – recollections of riding a TR1. If you haven’t ever seen one (never mind ridden one),  [Read full post…]

The Pre-Trip Trip… V2

16th May 2017 by  in Daily Digest, The Dex Files

Got the Pre-Trip Trip planned, booked, confirmed… and improved. The initial plan had been for a weekend ride up to the North York Moors. But after my trip with Noddy and Number One Son, heading higher up the Pennines and into the Lake District and back through the Yorkshire Dales, I’ve been lobbying the boys.  [Read full post…]

Back in the saddle

13th May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Just had an enjoyable few hours with Number Two Son. We rode down to Camber Sands – I think he’d read about it in Ride Magazine a few months back. For a first ride after a month-long crash-induced lay off, he was looking very comfortable and confident. That’s all I wanted. To see that he’s  [Read full post…]

The bike’s back

12th May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

I collected Number Two Son’s CB500 from the dealer when they opened this morning. They’ve done an excellent job: you’d never know it had been crashed. God knows how quickly it will all be settled with the insurance. No2S tells me it’s all in hand and there’s nothing to worry about. I suppose it is all straight-forward,  [Read full post…]

Best road: B6255

9th May 2017 by  in The Dex Files

We had some stunning riding on the weekend trip to Alston.  One or two roads that make me wonder if we’re doing the right thing going to the North York Moors for the next boys’ trip. My favourite road was just before lunch on the second day. We’d done Hartside Pass (epic), gone over Kirkstone  [Read full post…]

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