Nobody expects the Spanish exhibition

22nd March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Sorry, I’m going to – very briefly – talk about work. Well, not work work. I don’t want you falling asleep. But a job that’s come up at short notice. Which is working on the IT infrastructure for an exhibition in Barcelona. Flying out this evening. I didn’t see that coming…

God’s country

20th March 2017 by  in Daily Digest

Had a chat with the guys at the weekend about the pre-trip trip Scotland v Wales thing. The verdict of the group: neither. Yorkshire Moors is the desired destination. So once we get a handle on when Tidy Tim’s likely to have had his bike delivered, decked out in Tourartech bits, run-in and serviced, we’ll  [Read full post…]

Happy St Patrick’s Day

17th March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Just realised what day it is. Whether you’re of Irish extraction or just enjoy the Guinness, have a great St Patrick’s Day.

Scotland or Wales?

16th March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

It’s that eternal debate, isn’t it. Like starter or pudding, or tea versus coffee… If you’re having a short trip in the UK, do you go to Scotland or Wales? Personally, I’d always vote for Scotland – I adore the Highlands and the West Coast. But it’s a long way from the South East. For  [Read full post…]

The pre-trip trip

14th March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

While we still haven’t finalised the details for our big trip at the end of the summer, I’ve suggested to the boys that we have a pre-trip trip. Not a big one – just a long weekend – so those of us on new bikes can get a bit of familiarity with them. A bit  [Read full post…]

Those accessories were included…

11th March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Tidy Tim went back to the dealer with his new plan: buy the lower-spec bike and transfer his treasure-trove of Touratech toys to it from the older Explorer he’s trading in. The dealer was happy with that, then offered a lower trade in. And a price for the workshop to move all the bits over.  [Read full post…]

Tidy Tim’s turn

10th March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

My pal Tidy Tim has decided it’s time for him to change his bike. He has a Tiger Explorer that he dearly loves and has decided to switch it for the new model, the XR-T. The sticking point seems to be all his Touratech extras. He’s thrown the catalogue (and probably at least two grand)  [Read full post…]

Number One Son’s verdict

9th March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Had a visit from my eldest son this afternoon. I was working from home and he’d taken time off. Rode round the M25 to see me. Except of course he hadn’t come to see me, had he? He’d come to see my new bike. To see if he could have a go on it. I  [Read full post…]

I appear to have bought a missile

6th March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Did you have a good weekend? I don’t mean to gloat, but I did. For once the weather gods were smiling (or at least not frowning). I got to take my new bike out on mostly dry roads in kind of warm sunshine. I’d had a test ride of a more-or-less identical bike, so thought  [Read full post…]

Enter the dragon

3rd March 2017 by  in The Dex Files

Yes, it’s here. My new bike. Took the KTM in, handed over a banker’s draft, rode off on the BMW S1000XR Sport. Often I’ve had mixed feelings when changing a bike. Especially the “fun” one. You know: the old one has been a great machine, you’ve had fun times together, will the new one really live up  [Read full post…]

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